Is There Such a Thing As Free Health Insurance?

Free health insurance is offered to low-income individuals and families through federal and state Medicaid programs and the Children's Health Insurance Program, and certain veterans may also qualify for free health care, according to Some health insurance plans bought after March 23, 2010 offer free preventative care services.

Medicaid may also be available for free for pregnant women, the disabled and the elderly, as stated by The program takes several factors into consideration to determine eligibility, such as income, household size, age and bodily condition. Individuals and families can apply for coverage through the health insurance marketplace or through their local state agencies. If accepted, coverage for these individuals begins immediately.

Often, if a parent qualifies for Medicaid, his child qualifies as well, as indicates. Parents who are denied coverage through Medicaid can still receive coverage for their children through the CHIP insurance plan.

Certain veterans with war-related disabilities and conditions may qualify for free health care, states the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. The VA also takes income into consideration, which includes income from the veteran's in-home spouse and dependants. If this income exceeds the limit, the veteran may be subject to copays on certain or all services.

Some paid health insurance plans include preventative care services at no extra cost to the insured individual, according to These services include tests for blood pressure and cholesterol, mammograms, and colonoscopies.