What Are Some of the Most Successful Aerospace Companies?

What Are Some of the Most Successful Aerospace Companies?

Boeing, Airbus, Lockheed Martin and United Technologies are some of the top aerospace companies. Because the term “aerospace” includes a variety of activities and technologies including passenger aircraft and military defense technology, each of these companies has a slightly different focus.

Boeing is a multinational American company that sells, manufactures and designs airplanes, helicopters, rockets and satellites. Founded in Seattle in 1916 by William Boeing, Boeing began by manufacturing propeller airplanes and has since grown to be one of the largest manufacturers of passenger jets. Boeing is also the second largest defense contractor in the world.

Airbus is an aerospace company based in France. The current incarnation of Airbus was created in 2010 by the merger of Aérospatiale-Matra, DaimlerChrysler Aerospace AG and Construcciones Aeronáuticas SA. The term Airbus may also be used to refer to Airbus SAS, the division of airbus that focuses on the manufacturing of civilian aircraft. The other two divisions of Airbus are Airbus Defense and Space and Airbus Helicopters.

Lockheed Martin was formed in 1995 by the merger of the Lockheed Corporation with the Martin Marietta Corporation. Lockheed Martin is the world’s largest defense contractor and, unlike Boeing and Airbus, does not develop passenger jets or other technologies intended for widespread use by the civilian population.

United Technologies Corporation is a company based in the United States that develops and manufactures aircraft engines and helicopters. In addition to aircraft, United Technologies also makes heating and air conditioning systems, elevators, escalators and security systems.