What Is the Subway Five Dollar Footlong Promotion?


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Subway's $5 Footlong promotion allowed customers to order one of nine different sandwiches for a flat $5 fee, rather than the standard price. The promotion also featured a special 10th sandwich available for $5 each month in addition to the regular menu items. As of September 2014, the company stopped offering the promotion.

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The $5 Footlong promotion began in 2004 when a franchise owner in Miami, Florida, made select sandwiches at one of his locations available for $5 on weekends in an attempt to increase sales. The price change resulted in a drastic increase in profits, eventually leading to the systematic incorporation of the process into the Subway pricing nationally. The standardized promotion included a set number of sandwiches always available for $5, with some exclusive to the Canadian market, plus a monthly special sandwich. Prior to this, each footlong sandwich had its own price based on its ingredients.

The promotion also led the company, as well as other food retailers, to experiment with other promotions that include a rounded dollar amount. As of September 2015, Subway no longer offers a standard $5 footlong promotion, instead offering a variety of different promotions that focus on a select sandwich line or meal options. However, some stores continue to offer a monthly $5 footlong sandwich in addition to franchise-specific deals and promotions.

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