How Do You Get a Substitute Teaching Job With Aesop?


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Using Aesop, substitute teachers can search for available positions in an area by either logging into the website or calling a toll-free number. This online tool also proactively alerts substitute teachers when substitute teaching opportunities become available.

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Aesop is a substitute teacher and absence management system for school districts featuring both a website and a toll-free phone system. Teachers in a district can either go online or call the phone number to log upcoming absences. The Aesop software immediately posts the vacancy for registered substitute teachers to view and proactively searches for substitute teachers who fit the need of the school. School administrators also log-in to view real-time data on teacher absences and the status of the substitute search. Because substitute teachers must provide details about their capabilities and qualifications when they register on the site, the system finds a suitable substitute for each specific teacher absence. Using Aesop, a substitute teacher can also view her complete teaching calendar in advance, post non-work days so that she does not receive alerts and set her work preferences.

Aesop makes the process of finding substitute teachers easier for both schools and potential substitute teachers. School personnel no longer have to spend time calling potential substitutes and substitute teachers have a centralized source to search for jobs.

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