How Do You Get a Substitute Job on Aesop?


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To get a substitute job on Aesop, you must first be added to the substitute pool by the district, and then you can accept substitute jobs when they become available. You can accept the jobs either online or through a phone service.

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Most school districts require an application process in order for you to be added to their substitute teacher pool. Most of these postings can be found online through websites such as SchoolSpring.com or Indeed.com. You can also check specific district websites to see if their Human Resources departments have posted any openings.

Once you have been added to the substitute teacher pool on Aesop, you must set up your profile. This includes everything from your phone number to your availability. After your account is set up, you need to wait for a teacher or administrator to create an absence. This creates a job for the substitute, who is then contacted either by phone or through a mobile app. The substitute then has the opportunity to accept or reject the job. Depending on the size of the district, this must be done quickly or another substitute may take the job.

In addition, substitutes can also search for future availabilities online. Many teachers input planned absences in advance, so the substitute can log into her account and accept future job openings.

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