What Are Some Subsidiaries of the Hyundai Motor Company?

Subsidiaries of the Hyundai Motor Company include Kia Motors, Hyundai Motor India, Beijing Hyundai Motor Company and Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Russia. These subsidiaries belong to a large and complex network of affiliated companies falling under the ownership of Hyundai Motor Company, a South Korean automaker with more than 20 affiliates and subsidiaries, according to company officials. Hyundai Motor Company takes the lead as South Korea's largest automaker, and it ranks fifth in the world as top motor vehicle manufacturers, as of 2015.

While Hyundai Motor Company manufactures and produces the most cars out of all its subsidiaries as the parent company, the smaller companies produce many cars as well. The company employs nearly 80,000 workers around the world and focuses on regional production. Hyundai Motor India, or HMI, classifies as the second largest automaker in India. This facility produces approximately 600,000 Hyundai vehicles each year. Its headquarters reside in the state of Tamil Nadu. This facility produces several popular cars, including the i10 and i20.

In China, Beijing Hyundai Motor Company proves equally popular and successful. Since 2008, this company produced more than 1 million cars for Chinese citizens. This subsidiary manufactures popular Hyundai models, including the EF and NF Sonata, Elantra, Tucson, i30, ix35 and Accent. The smaller Russian subsidiary produces one model, the Solaris.