When Submitting a Job Application Online, Is Personal Information Protected?


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Submitting an online job application generally runs the risk of releasing personal information to unintended hands. Although many companies prioritize its applicants' protection of information, many do not guarantee this safety feature and, thus, it is important to review a company's privacy policy.

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When Submitting a Job Application Online, Is Personal Information Protected?
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When applying for jobs online, make sure a secure home network is being used. This lowers the risk of being hacked and of releasing personal information unintentionally. Before submitting an application, it is important to review a company's deletion policy regarding resumes, references and locality information such as home address and phone number, according to the job search resource, Career Attraction. A deletion policy allows the applicant to mandate the deletion of any document uploaded to the site.

Companies are often vocal about protecting the privacy of its applicants. For example, SMEC clearly states that although any personal information given is voluntary, the company strives to keep it confidential. SMEC as well as other companies do not use cookies, which is a feature that enables the release important information like a personal server address.

Applicants should also make sure the website is encrypted, which ensure the information is protected, and it is recommended to avoid providing information by a request that was not initiated by an applicant. Job scams are a common way for hackers to obtain valuable information like a social security number.

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