How Do You Submit Tax Returns in California?


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Taxpayers can submit tax returns to the California Franchise Tax Board through standard mailing or electronic filing, according to the California Franchise Tax Board official website. Each specific tax return has a designated mailing address or electronic filing submission requirement.

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A taxpayer in California can be an individual or business, notes the California Franchise Tax Board website. Taxpayers can file returns themselves or hire a tax professional to take care of all filing requirements. Regardless, a taxpayer should determine his filing status and then make a decision regarding how to file. Mailing addresses and electronic filing instructions vary based on whether taxes are due or refunds are being claimed.

For regular mailing, the only fee that applies is standard postage. For electronic filing, the California Franchise Tax Board website lists several free options as well as third parties that can handle the filing. For some of these options, there is no filing fee to submit a tax return. Other filing options, such as eFile.com and TaxACT.com, require a fee to electronically file a California tax return, explains the California Franchise Tax Board. The agency's official filing service is known as CalFile. Taxpayers can browse the CalFile service and chat live with a professional to determine filing needs.

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