How Do You Submit a Medicaid Disability Application?


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In most states, disabled individuals apply for Medicaid using the Supplemental Security Income application submitted to the Social Security Administration. Other states require applicants to complete a different application and submit it to the state agency that administers Medicaid, explains the SSA.

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To submit a SSI application, qualified individuals request an appointment at their local Social Security office to complete the necessary paperwork. People can also submit an application for disability benefits online through the SSA's official website at SSA.gov. Although the online disability benefits application is not the SSI application, a SSA representative will contact the applicant to finish the SSI application process over the phone. If the SSA awards SSI benefits to the applicant, Medicaid benefits also begin during that same month. The District of Columbia and 32 states use this Medicaid disability application method, according to the SSA.

Alaska, Idaho, Kansas, Nebraska, Nevada, Oregon and Utah require applicants to submit a separate Medicaid application to the state, but these states have identical requirements for SSI and Medicaid benefits. Connecticut, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, Missouri, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma and Virginia require a different application and have qualification requirements that differ from SSI guidelines. The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services website provides information about each individual state's Medicaid application process, notes the SSA.

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