How Do You Submit a Labor Board Complaint?

submit-labor-board-complaint Credit: Phil Boorman/Cultura/Getty Images

A person can submit a labor board complaint by contacting the National Labor Relations Board through phone, mail or email. To expedite complaint resolution, people should direct complaints to their local regional offices. The NLRB maintains a list of regional offices on its official homepage.

Every year, approximately 25,000 charges arrive at the NLRB, originating from employees, collective-bargaining unions and employers. These complaints deal with unfair labor practices as defined by Labor Relations Act of 1935. If an NLRB agent investigates a complaint and uncovers evidence of unfair practices, the first recourse is to attempt to mediate a settlement between the parties involved.

If mediation isn't successful, the NLRB submits a complaint in the matter, which results in an initial hearing before an NLRB Administrative Law Judge. It is against the law for employers to retaliate against workers who file complaints or otherwise participate in NLRB actions.

By law, the NLRB cannot issue monetary penalties against guilty parties. However, the NLRB can order make-whole remedies, such as ordering employers to reinstate employees or pay outstanding sums owed. If a charge is dismissed, a person can appeal the dismissal for up to two weeks after the date of the dismissal. These appeals are handled by the Office of Appeals in Washington, D.C.