How Do You Submit Your Federal Tax Return?


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It is possible to file a paper tax return by mail, or to file online using tax preparation software or an authorized e-file provider, explains the IRS. The IRS website offers a number of resources to help taxpayers prepare and file tax returns, including a breakdown of publications and forms. A list of mailing addresses is also available to help you find the correct mailing address for filing tax returns by mail.

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To electronically file your tax return, use tax preparation commercial software to prepare your tax returns. Once the returns are ready to be filed, they are electronically submitted through channels that are IRS approved, notes the IRS. If you make $60,000 or less, as of the 2014 tax year, you can use the free e-file system offered by the IRS. It is also possible to use a tax professional who has been accepted by the IRS electronic filing program. The IRS website has a search tool to aid iin finding a tax professional to prepare your taxes.

For tax year 2014, there are a number of different filing dates to which taxpayers must adhere, reports TurboTax. For individuals filing income taxes, the due date is April 15, 2015. For those filing S-corporation returns, the due date is March 16, 2015. If a taxpayer lives outside of the United States, he must adhere to a June 15, 2015 tax filing date. If a taxpayer opted for a six-month extension, his due date to file is October 15, 2015.

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