How Do You Submit a Consumer Complaint to the Federal Trade Commission?


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Submit a consumer complaint with the Federal Trade Commission by visiting the commission's official website, FTC.gov, and choosing the option for filing a complaint. The FTC's Complaint Assistant Portal explains the steps you need to take to file your complaint.

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You can report identity theft, fraud or an unfair business practice to the Federal Trade Commission. You should submit as much information as you can, including your contact information, the type of product or service you wish to file a complaint about, and information about the company involved. You should supply the business name, address, phone number and email address of the company. You should also note the company's website URL and representative's name to help the Federal Trade Commission better investigate your issue.

When filing a complaint, provide details about the transaction you're complaining about, the amount of money you paid for the service or product, the date you paid, and how you paid. The Federal Trade Commission accepts complaints about National Do Not Call Registry violations, identity theft, credit scams and telemarketing scams. Additionally, the FTC fields complaints about computers, the Internet, online privacy and immigration services. It also accepts complaints about lotteries, prizes and sweepstakes transactions, work-at-home scams and business opportunity schemes. Other complaints the FTC addresses include complaints about weight loss products, debt collection, credit reports and financial matters, as of 2015.

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