How Do You Get and Submit a CNA License Renewal Form?

Exactly how a person gets and submits a CNA license renewal form varies by state; however, most forms and renewals go through a state's Board of Nursing. For example, CNA license renewal forms in Florida are handled through the Florida Board of Nursing and are available online at its website.

The state of Florida does send out renewal postcards approximately 120 days before a CNA license expires, but renewal forms are not sent via mail and must be downloaded. A CNA also has the ability to submit a license renewal online using the Florida State Board of Nursing website.

In the state of Washington, CNA renewals are handled through the Department of Health. The necessary renewal and registration forms are available on the official Department of Health website, and forms can be downloaded and printed for submission. Applications for CNAs in Washington can also be submitted online.

The state of Arizona allows CNAs to submit their renewals through an online portal administered by the Arizona State Board of Nursing. Online renewal in Arizona is required unless the CNA meets one of three requirements: the license is suspended, the CNA does not have a Social Security number or she answers yes to disciplinary questions.