How Do You Submit an Application to Sutton Place Apartments?


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Sutton Place Apartments in Baltimore, Maryland, allows potential residents to submit applications online via SuttonPlApts.com, as of 2016. Potential residents have the option to choose from a specific list of available apartments or to apply before choosing the desired apartment, explains Sutton Place.

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When applying for an apartment from Sutton Place Apartments, online applicants must first agree to the rental application policies, according to the company website. Examples of these policies include the requirement that all applicants are 18 years of age or older, that applicants must provide proof of identity, and that all applications are submitted to a third-party screening company. This screening company evaluates applicants based on a rental scoring system that uses information such as payment history, quantity and type of accounts, outstanding debt, and age of accounts. Applicants are either accepted, accepted with conditions, or denied.

Accepted applicants are still subject to paying the standard deposits and fees. Applicants who are accepted with conditions are sometimes required to pay an additional deposit, according to the rental application criteria. Denied applicants are provided contact information for the agencies that supplied the consumer information. For applicants who are denied or are accepted with conditions, a guarantor or co-signer is sometimes an option. In these cases, the original application is submitted again, in addition to an application from the guarantor or co-signer.

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