How Do You Subdivide Property for Profit?


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Subdivide property for profit by hiring a surveyor, performing modifications to allow access to electricity and sewage systems, and filing the appropriate paperwork with the county assessor's office. The process may also involve making other changes to the land to comply with zoning laws or paying for additional research on the area.

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The process of land subdivision begins with hiring a professional surveyor to examine the area and take measurements of the actual property lines, comparing them to those currently on file with the county. This allows you to determine how much land you have available for the subdivision and identify the sections that require the least amount of work. Hire a surveyor who is familiar with local zoning laws and the process for filing paperwork with the appropriate authorities, as this helps you learn about other requirements that may not be obvious at first.

After designating the land you plan to subdivide, you need to provide access to amenities such as electricity, a water supply, storm drainage and a connection to the town's sewer system. You also need to file special paperwork to turn a single plot into multiple plots, which can cause additional scrutiny from the local governing body to ensure the safety of the land for future buyers.

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