How Do You Subdivide Property?


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To subdivide a property, draft initial plans that take into account previous legal and financial history, specifically design a plan as to how the land will be subdivided; hire a land surveyor; and submit the plans for approval, according to Brian Eckert for CostOwl.com. Various factors influence the cost of this process, including the size of the land and the location.

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When drafting initial plans, make sure there are no liens on the property, and check all the restrictions and ordinances applicable, explains Eckert. A local planning and development office can assist with finding this information. A civil engineer or qualified professional helps with the details of how the land is subdivided and how roads, power and other municipal services reach the subdivisions.

After this is decided, a surveyor creates what is known as a plat map, which includes details about the provision of services such as sewage and electrical, and the road network, states Eckert. This plat map is submitted along with other required documentation to the proper governmental authorities for approval. The amount of time it takes for approval varies depending on the case, the size of the property and the location. Environmental regulations also need to be consulted depending on the area. Costs from the process may include fees for the land survey, inspection, permits and supplying utilities.

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