Where Does a Stylist Get Free Hair Images to Display in the Shop?

A stylist can obtain free hair images to display in a salon by visiting stock photo sites such as StockFreeImages.com or Shutterstock.com or by finding free local models and taking her own pictures. Another option is for the stylist to reach out to photographers and request to feature their hair images in the shop as a form of promotion.

StockFreeImages.com includes a section of completely free stock photos with tools to search the listings for images of hair styles, head shots that display the hair of the model and other related images. Each listing on the site includes details about the size of the image, file type and any attribution necessary. Some results on the site also link to external sites, which may place additional costs on the images. Shutterstock.com also offers tools for searching its collection of free images for salon and hair photos, including options to limit results to specific file types, sizes or image content.

Alternately, the stylist can use a local classifieds site or model search tool to post a listing for free models. Once the stylist makes arrangements for the model to visit her shop, she can create any hairstyle she chooses and take her own photos. Another option is to find a photographer with images of hair and hairstyles and request to use the images in the salon in exchange for attributing the photographer and including his contact information near the images.