What Are Some Styles of Dillon Reloading Equipment?

What Are Some Styles of Dillon Reloading Equipment?

Styles of Dillon reloading equipment include reloading presses and progressive loaders. Most Dillon reloaders purchased new from the company include a lifetime or one-year warranty.

The Dillon RL550B Reloading Press can load both pistol and rifle cartridges. It has manually fed cases and bullets and a loading capacity of 400 to 600 rounds an hour. The RL550B features a priming system with small and large primers, one power die, one loaded cartridge catch bin and one small and one large pickup tube.

The BL 550 is a progressive loader that works as a less expensive, stripped-down version of the RL550B. It does not feature auto priming or auto powder measuring. The BL 550 allows a user to load cartridges faster than single-stage presses do, while maintaining the high level of quality control they afford.

Dillon's BFR 50BMG is a reloading press with four stations and an interchangeable toolhead. It handles 300 rounds per hour for loading and 450 rounds per hour for preparing cases. The BFR 50BMG is equipped for both high-volume production and match grade ammunition. As of January 2016, Dillon plans for this reloading press to be available for additional large calibers.

The Super 1050 is a heavy-duty reloader capable of loading 1,000 to 1,200 rounds an hour. It has an automatic primer, casefeeder and powder measure. The Super 1050 includes factory-adjusted dies for reloading and allows the user to change calibers with caliber and toolhead conversions.