What Are Some Styles From the Boker Knife Company?


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The Boker Knife Company produces five main styles of knives: the pocket knife, fixed blade knife, kitchen knife, straight razor and sword. Within each of the five knife styles, the company offers a wide variety of products ranging in design, popularity and price. Depending on the style, Boker knives are made from diverse materials including steel, ceramics, wood and synthetics.

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Boker produces collectors’ editions of some of its knife styles, popular with knife enthusiasts. Some examples are the Boker Anniversary knives, the Damascus Collector’s knife and the Boker Plus Decade Edition.

All styles of Boker knives are available for viewing and purchasing online. Interested consumers can also request a free printed catalogue online and purchase knives directly from one of many U.S. retailers.

The Boker Knife Company is based in Solingen, Germany and opened its first manufacturing plant in 1869. Today, Boker USA, Inc. is headquartered in Denver, Colorado, and the company manufactures its knives in Europe, South America and Asia. Boker USA, Inc. carries four different product lines: Boker Manufaktur Solingen, Boker Arbolito, Boker Plus and M Magnum by Boker.

In addition to knives, the company sells a wide variety of knife sets and accessories, including flashlights, sharpeners, sheaths, scissors and more. Boker focuses on products related to military, outdoor, survival and defense.

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