What Are Some Styles of Badge Holders?


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Some styles of badge holders include those that are kept in place with clips, those worn using lanyards and those held in place magnetically. Badge holders also come in several materials, including vinyl, plastic and faux leather. A badge holder can also be set up so that the badge is displayed either horizontally or vertically.

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Some badge holders also come pre-punched with holes so the buyer can decide how the badge is held in place. Thee badges come with circular pre-punched holes on either side for use with some types of lanyards and a rectangular slot in the middle suited for badges that are held in place by clips, as well as some types of clip-on lanyards. A badge holder held in place magnetically comes with two small magnets: one on the badge itself and one that is placed behind the cloth of a shirt to keep it in place.

Badge holders are available in packs of large quantities to suit the buyer's needs depending on the size of the workforce. Resealable badge holders allow employers to reuse badge holders for different employees, and the seal protects the badges from damage and the elements. Fancier faux-leather badge holders are sold individually and are somewhat more expensive, but they are useful for formal settings.

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