How Do You Stuff an Envelope?


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When preparing mail you need an envelope, the content letter, postage and addresses. You must make sure the content conforms to the size of the envelope and that the envelope seals properly with postage and addresses affixed correctly.

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  1. Gather your materials

    Pick an envelope that is as wide as the content letter. If you are using address labels, make sure the label for the addressee matches the addressee name in the letter, and if you are not using labels, write the return address on the upper left corner of the envelope and the addressee info in the center before stuffing. Make sure you have the correct postage for the total weight of the envelope, letter and any labels.

  2. Pack the envelope properly

    Most content letters are folded three times horizontally to fit into an envelope. If the content letters cannot be folded, use a larger envelope that can contain the contents laying flat. If you are folding, fold the letter into three equal sections, and make sure the letterhead or addressee name is facing out. Slide the contents into the envelope so the letterhead and the addressee name are facing the side with the closure flap.

  3. Seal and deliver

    Seal the envelope with your tongue or a wet sponge. On the front, make sure any labels are affixed properly and that the writing is legible and clear. Weigh the envelope if it is oversized or heavy, and affix a stamp or print on the postage rate in the upper right corner.

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