How Do You Study for a Social Worker Exam?

To study for a social worker exam, visit the Association of Social Work Boards website to download the exam contents outline for your exam level, and purchase and use social work licensing exam study guides. Take practice exams on the ASWB website or other reputable exam sites to determine what areas need extra study time.

Exam content outlines are useful for bachelor's, master's, clinical and advanced exams. Consult the outlines to determine what percentage of the exam covers particular topics. As of 2015, social work licensing exam study guides start at $15 for digital copies and $20 for physical copies. Some study guides are available for purchase through universities, social work websites and bookstores.

Take a practice exam on the ASWB website for a fee. The exam is only available to take once and is timed according to the length of the actual exam. Once purchased, you have 30 days to complete the exam. Once completed, you receive your results with corrections or explanations for any questions you missed.

There are other practice exams online. Take as many of these as necessary to understand the nature of the exam. For any questions you get wrong, focus on related topics in your study guide, and take good notes about topics of which you are unsure. If possible, contact a tutor or trusted professor, and ask for time to go over the notes to prepare for the exam.