What Study Guides Are Available for the MBLEx?


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Study guides for the MBLEx include a series of quizzes on Quizlet.com, a standalone guide on MassageExamAcademy.com and exercises available on MBLExStudyGuide.com. Quizlet.com offers free study guide flashcards, while MassageExamAcademy.com and MBLExStudyGuide.com charge for their services.

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MBLExStudyGuide.com offers students access to a hard copy study guide that covers anatomy, physiology, client assessment, ethics, kinesiology and a variety of other disciplines covered in the MBLEx. The website also offers students access to a large number of other popular study guides and education resources in the field of massage therapy.

MassageExamAcademy.com offers students access to body charts, online exam simulations, kinesiology flashcards and 2,300 practice questions on an online subscription basis. The website offers its services either for a duration of 45 days or for 90 days. Discount rates apply to students who renew subscriptions.

Quizlet.com has study guide resources for students who plan on taking the MBLEx, including flashcard questions on kinesiology, physiology and therapist-practitioner ethics. Many of the questions on the site ask for definitions of various terms relevant to massage therapy, its benefits and its history. The site also has questions that pertain to identifying specific anatomical elements that massage therapists need to be familiar with, such as the periosteum, the scapula and appendicular skeleton.

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