How Do You Study for the FEMA ICS 200 Test?


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To study for the FEMA ICS 200 exam, you can use study materials from FEMA.gov by going to the course page and scrolling to the bottom to find PDF links to fact sheets and course information documents. The site also includes PDF copies of previous exams that you can print out and take for practice. You can also take practice exams available at other online sources.

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Students of FEMA courses with a valid student ID number have access to additional resources, including classroom materials used both online and in the physical classroom. Though many positions only require a successfully completed test, not the full FEMA training course, the course provides students with a good understanding of the material covered on the test and how to prepare. The course also includes simulations and practice tests.

Quizlet is an online resource that offers lessons and practice tests for the FEMA ISC 200 exam. In addition, some local fire departments or other public service organizations offer preparatory courses and simulations.

The ICS 100 or ICS 100.a is a prerequisite to the ICS 200, and that course material has recently changed. FEMA recommends that if you want to take the ICS 200 successfully, you first review the latest material from the ICS 100 exam to fully prepare yourself.

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