What Is a Studio Flat Rental?


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A studio flat rental is a rental space suited for single-person living that, unlike a one-bedroom apartment, has an open one-room floor-plan. While a one-bedroom apartment has a separate space for bedroom, kitchen, living-room and bathroom, a studio flat usually has one space to place bedroom and living-room furniture, with kitchen facilities in one corner of the open room and only a small, separate room for the toilet.

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Although this is the standard setup, studio flats may differ in their layouts. While most have a separate bathroom, many include an open bathtub or shower in the same one room space as the bedroom and kitchen. Because of this, studio flats provide less privacy than standard one-bedroom apartments and are ideally suited for one-person living. Entertaining guest may be impractical in a studio flat, as storage options are limited and personal items exposed. So lifestyle tendencies should be carefully considered before choosing such a living space.

Although many prefer and romanticize the cozy studio flat, a one-bedroom apartment may be more practical for a single person who enjoys hosting parties or regularly having guests over. Typically a studio flat rental is less expensive than a one-bedroom apartment, however, and so is the ideal choice for many singles on a budget.

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