What Are the Most Stressful Jobs?

stressful-jobs Credit: Cultura RM/Jason Butcher/Collection Mix: Subjects/Getty Images

According to The Huffington Post, enlisted military personnel have the most stressful jobs. In general, dangerous jobs are the most stressful for employees. Jobs that are open to much public scrutiny also tend to be stressful.

Military generals, firefighters, airline pilots and police officers also have highly stressful jobs. People in these positions may face life-threatening situations at work. In addition, they are responsible for the safety and security of many civilians.

Other jobs that are not as dangerous, but are still highly stressful, include event coordinators, public relations executives, senior corporate executives, newspaper reporters and taxi drivers. At these jobs, employees often face tight deadlines and time constraints. In addition, these jobs require the employee to manage many different tasks and expectations simultaneously. Employees in these jobs may also experience stress because their work is very public and their mistakes are difficult to hide.

In addition to danger and deadlines, other aspects of a job may make it more stressful. Some factors that add to job stress include competitiveness, environmental conditions and travel requirements. If these factors are a major part of a job, the job is likely to be more stressful than one where these factors are less prevalent.