What Is a Straw Baler Used For?


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A straw baler is a piece of agricultural machinery used to turn loose straw into compact bales by compressing and cutting the straw. Straw balers are an indispensable tool in agriculture, since they convert bulky materials like straw into highly compressed bundles that are easy to handle, transport and store.

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A straw baler is pulled by a tractor, which also provides the necessary power for the machine to function. The most common type is the large round baler, which compresses straw into tightly bound cylinders.

The baler picks up straw as the tractor pulls it through a straw field. A set of teeth rake the hay from the ground in order to prevent debris from being fed into the baler. Once the chamber is full, a set of rubber belts within the chamber force the hay to wrap around itself to create a cylinder. This process continues until the straw cylinder reaches the desired size. At that point, the baler wraps the straw cylinder with twine or a protective sheeting, which allows the straw bale to be transported without coming apart. Once the straw bale is wrapped, it rolls out of the straw baler to allow for the machine to create a new bale.

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