What Stores Sell Water Dispensers for the Office?

What Stores Sell Water Dispensers for the Office?

Water dispensers and coolers designed for an office setting are available through sites such as Crystal-Springs.com, Amazon.com, Waterlogic.com and HomeDepot.com, as of 2015. Each site includes options to view different models and types of dispensers according to current inventory, with some offering additional services, such as water delivery for the machines.

Crystal-Springs.com sells several models of water dispensers, which are available in colors such as black, white and stainless steel. Basic models feature separate nozzles for hot and cold water, while high-end units feature more seamless designs and include built-in cup dispensers. The company requires customers to contact a sales representative to make an order and offers water delivery service in qualifying areas.

Amazon.com features water coolers and dispensers from a variety of retailers, each of which includes customer ratings and reviews in addition to standard product details. Some listings on the site include multiple images.

Waterlogic.com sells a proprietary brand of water dispensers that connect existing water lines instead of using the traditional water bottle distribution method. This brand includes a limited service warranty and built-in filtering system to improve the taste of the water.

HomeDepot.com displays its collection of water coolers according to brand and offers sorting tools to view coolers by price range or tank size. In addition to The Home Depot's online selection, some of its coolers are available for pickup at a local store.