What Are Some Stores That Sell USB Sticks in Bulk?

Purchase USB sticks in bulk from sites such as PremiumUSB.com, Alibaba.com, DiscountMugs.com and eBay.com, as of 2015. Each site offers different pricing and minimum order amounts, with some also including additional features such as custom engraving or branding.

PremiumUSB.com offers a variety of design choices in its selection of bulk USB flash drives and memory sticks, including different color schemes and materials. Prices appear as the lowest possible cost per unit, which typically depends on the style and total order size. Listings also include pictures that show the construction of the item, such as a swing guard or removable cap.

Alibaba.com contains multiple listings for bulk USB drives, with each entry listing the price range per unit and the minimum number of numbers per order. Listings also include information about the seller, such as location, average response time on customer complaints and any available trade assurance.

DiscountMugs.com specializes in customizable bulk merchandise, including several styles of USB sticks that include standard units, key chains and watches. Many products include special customization options such as the ability to engrave a company name or a person's initials onto the item. Some listings also include video examples of the product or special promotions such as free shipping.

The availability of bulk USB drive orders on eBay.com varies over time, as it relies in individual sellers rather than manufacturers to create listings. Each entry on the site also varies in price, quantity and minimum order amount.