What Stores Sell Talcum Powder With Puffs?

What Stores Sell Talcum Powder With Puffs?

Talcum powder with puff applicators is available in drug stores such as Walgreens. Talcum powder with puffs is also available at department stores selling cosmetics.

Walgreens sells talcum powders with puffs at its physical locations and online at Walgreens.com.

Macy's sells perfumed talcum powders with puffs online at Macys.com and at physical locations. Brands include Estee Lauder, Oscar de la Renta, Elizabeth Arden and Shalimar.

Amazon.com carries a range of talcum powders with puffs, including perfumed powders, powders for babies and talc-free powders. Powders and puffs are also available separately.

The term "dusting powder" is also used to describe talcum powder.