What Stores Sell Pneumatic Wheels for Carts?


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Service Caster Corporation, Northern Tool and Equipment, and Amazon.com sell a wide variety of pneumatic wheels for carts. Sears brands and Hayneedle.com offer a limited selection of pneumatic cart wheels.

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Service Caster Corporation offers 8-, 10- and 12-inch centered-hub pneumatic wheels, and customers choose 1/2-, 3/4- or 5/8-inch ball bearings. The company's pneumatic wheels are suitable for carts, casters and other low-speed use, and they feature three-piece demountable steel wheel centers and zinc plating. Service Caster Corporation also offers pneumatic wheels with offset hubs, and a universal pneumatic wheelbarrow wheel. The company sells pneumatic tire swivel casters and semi-pneumatic hand truck wheels as well.

Amazon.com carries brand-name pneumatic wheels and casters from Marathon Industries, MintCraft, Waxman, Nexel and Magliner, as well as products from Shepherd Hardware, Oregon, Tricam and Access Casters. The company also offers semi-pneumatic wheels.

Northern Tool and Equipment sells several pneumatic tire and wheel assemblies, replacement wheels for pneumatic casters, pneumatic wheelbarrow tires, pneumatic lawn mower tires and replacement tires for pneumatic assemblies. The company also offers two-piece, split-rim pneumatic wheel assemblies and semi-pneumatic wheels.

Sears sells a 10-inch pneumatic replacement cart wheel from Globe House Products, a 14-inch pneumatic wheelbarrow wheel, and pneumatic replacement tires from Marathon Industries and Shepherd Hardware. The company also offers a garden cart with semi-pneumatic wheels. Hayneedle.com offers brand-name pneumatic wheels from Wesco and Milwaukee Hand Trucks.

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