What Stores Sell Pantry Organizers for Cans?


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Retailers that sell pantry organizer products capable of holding cans include The Container Store, Bed Bath and Beyond and The Home Depot. The Container Store offers small stacking baskets ideal for holding two to three cans in each basket, as well as gravity-feed can racks. Bed Bath and Beyond sells rack shelves with four tiers of storage space. A selection of cans can fit on an over-the-door pantry rack featured at its site.

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Bed Bath and Beyond also offers an assortment of kitchen and all-purpose stacking bins perfect for can storage. The Home Depot features storage racks designed to hold numerous cans in place, and the company also sells Rev-A-Shelf units, which are tall cabinets designed for food pantry storage.

While considering what type of pantry organizers to buy, it's important to take note of the amount of space available on shelves and in other areas. Open stacking baskets are good for holding a few cans, but if saving space is essential, a gravity-feed can rack is a better choice, as it can store numerous cans without taking up much space. Four-tier shelving units are a good choice for setting up a large pantry area outside of the kitchen. Cabinet pantry units, such as the Rev-A-Shelf, keep canned goods within easy reach and hide the pantry when not in use.

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