What Are Some Stores That Sell Gator Dust?

Some of the stores that sell gator dust include Whiz-Q Store, Budding Co., and Brock White Construction Materials Store. These stores offer gator dust in two colors: Stone Grey and Sahara Beige.

Just like super sand bong, gator dust is jointing sand made from fine stone dust. It uses polymers as the bond properties, stabilizing wide paver joints. Depending on the job specification or paving stone design, this polymeric stone dust is the best choice to secure pavers, preventing soil erosion or sprouting. Once the dust sets it becomes very firm, locking between all the stone joints. The firm bond ensures that the stones are kept in place, both sloped and horizontal surfaces. The products works well at 15 degrees Fahrenheit and above, and is compatible with most types of natural stones and wetcast.

Gator dust is used to prevent damage caused by weeds, insects and erosion due to wind, freezing and rain. It is ideal for natural stone patios, natural stone walkways, pathways, and joints with a minimum of 9.55 millimeters to a maximum of 100 millimeters. Getting good results with gator dusts requires sweeping it into all the joints and then spraying it with a mist of water.