What Stores Participate in the Play Monopoly Codes Sweepstakes?

Supermarkets participating in the Monopoly Collect and Win game include Albertsons, Jewel-Osco, Tops and United, as of 2015. The game is offered for a limited time and customers play by opening a game board and collecting game markers from participating stores. Game markers contain codes that customers must enter to fill a board, and winners receive a range of prizes. Instant winner coupons and second chance sweeps offer customers additional chances to win prizes.

The Monopoly Collect and Win game is loosely based on the original Monopoly board game, and use of the game's design is licensed from Hasbro. McDonald's offers a similar Monopoly sweepstakes game as a customer promotion. For a brief time, Monopoly was also featured in a TV game show featuring a Monopoly crazy cash machine, in which contestants inserted crazy cash cards into the machine for a chance to win valuable prizes. Hasbro also licenses Monopoly for films, toys and other products.

The game that later became Monopoly originated from Elizabeth J.M. Phillips' The Landlord's Game, designed as an anti-monopolist teaching tool. Phillips sold the rights to the game to Parker Brothers, and the game evolved over the years into its current version. Traditional Monopoly features a graphic game board with 40 spaces, including 28 properties and numerous streets. Game token shapes include a dog, race car, thimble and top hat.