Which Stores Offer Reward Points?

Which Stores Offer Reward Points?

Some national chains that offer rewards points programs in all of their stores include Nordstrom, JCPenney, Gap, Best Buy and Macy's. Most of the major grocery and pharmacy chains also have some sort of a rewards program that tracks purchases.

Nordstrom's "Fashion Rewards" program requires the use of a Nordstrom credit card. Two points are given for every dollar spent in Nordstrom stores and one point for every dollar spent elsewhere. Every 2,000 points earns a $20 gift certificate, and there are a range of other perks.

JCPenney's "JCP Rewards" program does not require a store credit card, but there are extra perks for having one. For every $100 spent in a calendar month, cardholders get a $10 gift certificate.

Gap's rewards program gives five points for every dollar spent at Gap and sister stores such as Old Navy and Piperlime. Rewards vary depending on what store they are used at.

Best Buy gives one reward point for every dollar spent in their stores. Use of a store credit card boosts this to two and a half points per dollar spent, and 250 points can be redeemed for a $5 gift certificate.

Macy's "Star Rewards" program requires signing up for a store credit card. Varying discounts and coupons are given for use of the card.