What Stores Offer Cash Register Rental?

As of 2015, retailers offering cash registers for rent include American Metro, Denver Cash Register, Forbes Snyder and The Cash Register Guys. Additional choices include Pure Rental POS, POS Guys.com and TASQ Technology. Cash register brands, technology, rental costs and rental terms vary among retailers. Depending on the retailer rental agreement, cash register leases can be for short periods of time such as 25 days, or longer periods of up to three years.

Retailers such as American Metro rent a specific brand of cash register to customers, while other companies such as The Cash Register Guys offer multiple brands for lease. The cost of renting a cash register depends on the type of machine and specific contract terms. Forbes Snyder offers extended rental periods, buyout options and is responsible for maintaining the machine during the rental period. Pure Rental POS offers a choice of software including retail, restaurant and fuel. POSGuys.com offers renters the option of paying the retailer a portion of daily receipts as an alternative to its basic rental contract.

The number of items in inventory is an important consideration when choosing a cash register. Basic cash registers with simple operation are ideal for small inventories, and flexible systems that streamline purchasing operations are better for larger inventories. Opting for thermal-printed receipts is more cost effective in the long run and avoids the need to purchase ink cartridges.