How Do You Find Stores for Lease Locally?


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Find stores for lease locally by conducting a physical search of available commercial properties in the area, recommends About.com. Evaluate the stores you find to determine their suitability, and read the lease document before committing to a rental agreement, advises Forbes.

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Search for local stores to lease when home prices are low, as commercial properties are also lower in price during such times, notes About.com. Websites like LoopNet offer commercial property listings, and you can filter them by state or city. Local newspapers provide listings from both realtors and property owners, and leasing directly from a landlord avoids realtor fees.

Involve a knowledgeable agent who understands the local area to speed up the process. Once you’ve found suitable stores, narrow your list based on location and suitability, and analyze the details of individual outlets by considering lease price, square footage and incremental expenses, recommends Forbes. Use spreadsheet software to compare properties against each other.

Peruse the lease document to understand the nuances of your agreement and eliminate future issues. Avoid emotional attachment to a particular store until you negotiate with the property owner for reasonable lease terms and understand all the store-related expenses that you are likely to incur, cautions Forbes.

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