What Are Some Stores That Hire 14-Year-Olds?

A 14-year-old teen can find shops hiring young people by conducting a search for local jobs, using a job-finder search engine. View store hiring policies on individual store websites. Another resource for finding good teen jobs is family and friends. Ask people within a personal social circle about unadvertised jobs.

My First Paycheck explains that some shops seek part-time help from young teens only during the summer months. Businesses often offer students less hours during the school year. Teens under the age of 16 are limited by law to working no more than three hours per day and 18 total weekly hours when school is in session. During the summertime, teens can work 20 or more hours a week.

At the age of 14, a teen might be hired to do light work at a shop, restaurant or entertainment venue. Younger teens often have to fill out special paperwork that gives the teen permission to perform the work. This is due to strict child labor laws. Exceptions to the law are made for teens working in a family-owned business, such as a restaurant or farm. Restrictions remain in place forbidding teens to work around dangerous materials, or operate heavy machinery alone.