What Are Some Stores in the Bangor Mall?

As of 2015, some of the stores in the Bangor Mall include American Eagle Outfitters, Charlotte Russe, Claire's, Dick's Sporting Goods and Sears. The mall also features restaurants such as Dairy Queen, Orange Julius and Bugaboo Creek Steak House as well as department stores such as JCPenney.

The Bangor Mall in Bangor, Maine, is part of the Simon mall chain and features numerous stores that sell clothing, accessories, gifts and food as well as small businesses that perform services such as portraiture or vision exams. A full list of stores in the mall is available on the mall's page of the Simon website, Simon.com. The site contains a search tool that allows shoppers to search for nearby malls according to a geographic location, mall name or according to different retail stores.

The Bangor Mall page of Simon.com allows shoppers to browse through an interactive listing of all stores currently in operation at the mall. It also offers several filtering options, including the ability to sort stores according to features such as restaurants that take orders at a counter. Shoppers are also able to print out a full directory of stores as well as a map of the mall. Both are available as free PDFs, which are viewable in a Web browser or application such as Adobe Acrobat.