What Stores Accept a Visa Prepaid Check Card As a Form of Payment?

Individuals who have prepaid Visa check cards can use these cards at any establishment that accepts Visa debit as a payment option, including brick-and-mortar retailers and service businesses, online shops and stores that accept phone-in orders. However, some special transactions have specific guidelines for use.

Customers who use their prepaid Visa check cards for pay-at-the-pump transactions at gas stations may be subject to up to a $75 hold against their balances. To prevent this hold, customers can pay the attendant inside for the specific amount of gas they plan to purchase. Hotels may also put a hold on rooms reserved with prepaid Visa check cards, and that hold may not release until several days after check out.

When customers use prepaid Visa check cards at restaurants, many establishments add the tip to the bill's total. These cards can be used to pay off the final balance on a rental car bill, but most rental car companies require a credit card to make a reservation. When paying bills, prepaid Visa check cards can be used to make both one-time payments and to set up recurring payments.

When returning merchandise purchased at retail stores with prepaid Visa check cards, store return policies may vary. Some may return customers' funds to the card, which can take up to several weeks, while others may refund the balance in cash or issue store credit.