What Are Some Storage Providers in Coventry, Rhode Island?

storage-providers-coventry-rhode-island Credit: Daniel Ingold/Cultura/Getty Images

Storage providers located in Coventry, Rhode Island, include Nationwide Self Storage, Coventry Mini Storage and Economy Heated Self Storage, as of 2015. Each company offers a variety of storage unit sizes and pay rates, with some also offering additional features such as truck rentals or selling storage and packing materials.

Nationwide Self Storage allows customers to obtain a free storage unit quite directly from its website, RISelfStorage.com, by entering a contact email address and the ideal storage unit size into its automated form. The company also offers moving truck rentals on an hourly or daily basis and includes storage space in its facility officially sanctioned for the storage of vehicles, including boats and motor homes. It also allows customers to rent mail boxes and purchase packing equipment from its office.

Coventry Mini Storage focuses primarily on the rental of storage units, ranging in size from 5 square feet to 300 square feet, with some units available for the storage of automobiles and boats. The company offers a variety of move-in specials on its website, CoventryMiniStorage.com, which typically involve a discount on a particular unit size or contract duration. It also offers customers tips on how to prepare items for both short- and long-term storage in its units on the site.

Economy Heated Self Storage is a U-Haul franchise partner, meaning that it offers the same truck and trailer rental services as other U-Haul locations.