How Do You Stop Telemarketing Calls?


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To stop telemarketing calls, use the website that the Federal Communications Commission has set up to protect consumers from unwanted intrusions. Adding your number to the Do Not Call list means that telemarketers face financial penalties if they keep trying to reach you after the deadline has expired.

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  1. Register the desired phone number online

    Visit DoNotCall.gov to find fields for blocking telemarketers from calling you. Follow the prompts to register mobile and landlines on this website, and your registration remains in effect unless you go back onto the website and remove a number or turn off service to that phone number.

  2. Call to register the desired phone number

    Dial 1-888-382-1222 (voice) or 1-866-290-4236 (TTY) from the number you wish to register with the Do-Not-Call list, and follow the prompts that you hear once the call connects. Remember that you must place a call from each number that you wish to add to this registry.

  3. Give telemarketers time to remove your number

    Wait at least 31 days before reporting the telemarketing company for failing to remove your number, as that is the amount of time that it has to take your number(s) out of the system. Contact the FCC if the telemarketer that you have blocked continues to call you after that 31-day period has expired.

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