How Do You Stop Robocalls?


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Stop robocalls by asking your telephone company to block specific robocall numbers and requesting technology that blocks robocalls. Prevent recorded or live telemarketers from calling you by signing up with the National Do Not Call Registry. An effective way to limit robocalls is to avoid giving your phone number unnecessarily and to make specific requests to businesses that you deal with not to call you.

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How Do You Stop Robocalls?
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When you ask phone providers to block robocall numbers, find out if they charge for the service. You may not find it worthwhile to pay a fee for the service, as illegal robocallers change numbers frequently, and the block may not be effective. Some companies, such as Nomorobo, offer free technology to block robocalls from cellphones, but they only work with some providers. A listing with the National Do Not Call Registry prevents legal sales people from calling you but does not prevent informational robocalls from schools, politicians, charities requesting donations, and health care providers scheduling appointments and reminding of prescription refills.

If you receive an illegal robocall, hang up your telephone. Do not attempt to press a series of numbers to get your name off its call list or communicate with a live operator. Your response encourages robocallers to continue contacting you. If you receive persistent robocalls, lodge a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission online or by phone.

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