How Do You Stop Mail?


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To stop mail from being delivered, visit your local USPS office, or navigate your Web browser to the USPS website, and from there, initiate a temporary delivery halt for up to 30 consecutive days. Complete an official Change of Address form to permanently stop mail at a specific address.

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  1. Navigate to the USPS website

    Open your Web browser, and visit the official USPS website. From there, locate the Hold Mail Service under the Track & Manage menu. Alternatively, visit your local USPS station to complete and submit the Hold Mail Service form.

  2. Complete the application

    Fill out the Hold Mail Service form, which requires your name and address along with the dates you wish to stop receiving mail. Mail can be held for a maximum of 30 days.

  3. Obtain a change of address form

    To stop receiving mail permanently at a specific address, you must obtain an official Change of Address form at your local post office or online.

  4. Fill out the form

    Complete the Change of Address form, which requires you to provide your former address and new address. Be prepared to show a government-issued ID and proof of your new address.

  5. Submit the form

    Submit the completed Change of Address form to your local post office or online. If completed online, a small fee is charged to your credit card to verify your identity.

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