How Do You Stop Junk Mail for Free?


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Stop junk mail with prescreened offers of insurance or credit for free by completing an online form at Optoutprescreen.com, calling a number provided on the website, or mailing separate requests to four credit reporting companies, as of 2015. Opt out of receiving other unsolicited junk mail by registering for a delete file on the Direct Marketing Association's Mail Preference Service website at DMAChoice.org.

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When you initiate a request to opt out of receiving insurance and credit offers for five years online, by phone or by mail, provide your name, birth date, home phone number and Social Security number. To opt out of receiving the junk mail offers permanently, request a permanent opt-out election form, fill it out, sign it, and send it back. The credit reporting companies remove your name from their prescreened offer lists within five business days, but you may continue to receive offers from companies for several weeks. Additionally, companies that do not rely on the major credit reporting companies for their consumer lists may still send you junk mail.

On the Direct Marketing Association website, register to opt out of unsolicited junk paper mail and email for five years. Although checking the database is not obligatory for direct marketers, most companies that send large quantities of junk mail use the service and discontinue mailings to people in the do not mail category.

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