How Does a Stone Mason Do Stone Masonry?


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Stonemasons work with various types of stone, cutting, measuring and shaping stone into bricks, blocks and slabs used in building structures, walkways, fences, floors and walls. Types of natural stones used in stonemasonry include granite, limestone and marble. Artificial stone made from marble chips, concrete and other materials are used as well. Stonemasons cut through dense stone using a special hammer or a diamond-blade saw.

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There are several categories of stonemasonry work involving different skills, including banker masons, carvers, fixer masons, memorial masons, quarrymen and sawyers. Banker masons shape and design stones used in buildings. They mainly work indoors creating anything out of stone required by the architectural design. An important part of a banker mason's job is to ensure stones are properly oriented and placed in the structure. Carvers use their artistic abilities to create works of art out of stone. Carvers may create human or animal figures or design a unique stone piece.

Fixer masons are highly skilled at the craft of fixing stone onto buildings. They often use lime mortars, grouts, cement, epoxy resins and lifting tackle. Memorial masons apply their talents to making gravestones and carving inscriptions into memorials. Quarrymen cut into natural sheets of rock to extract stone blocks from the ground. Sawyers cut stone blocks into cuboids.

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