How Do You Find a Stock Symbol for a Company?


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Visit a website such as Tradingcharts.com to find the stock ticker symbol for a company in which you are interested in purchasing equity. Type the name of the company into the search field, notes Tradingcharts.com, and indicate the exchange in which you want to look.

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If you're not sure which exchange trades the stock in which you have interest, choose All from the drop-down list, and click the Search button. For example, entering Exxon in the field and leaving it open to all exchanges yields two different stock options: Exxon Mobil Corp, trading on the New York Stock Exchange with the symbol XOM, and CGF Exxon Mobil ELKS, trading on the American Stock Exchange with the symbol EBE, according to Tradingcharts.com.

Click on links in the search results to find out more information about the stock. This provides such data as the price of the last trade and the last day's activity, including opening price, daily high, daily low and the previous close. It also shows yearly statistics such as the 52-week high and the 52-week low for the stock price. Information from the New York Stock Exchange is available after a 20-minute delay. Historical reports such as daily, weekly and monthly charts are also available for the stocks, as stated by Tradingcharts.com.

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