How Do You Get Stock Quotes From Fidelity?


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Access Fidelity's stock quotes through its online quote system available at Fidelity.com, as of 2015. Quotes displayed for non-accountholders provide delayed information, while accountholders get up-to-date information and live stock quotes during normal trading hours.

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Fidelity's stock quotes include much of the information investors need to make informed purchasing decisions. Users can enter a company name or stock symbol on the upper right-hand corner of most Fidelity website pages for quick access to information, including pricing on the last trade, net changes, change percentages, bidding rates and asking rates, in an easy-to-read format. Additional information, including the opening price for the stock, its high and low markers for the day, and its 52-week high and low numbers, is also available on the statistics pages provided by Fidelity. Previous close information provides additional data for investors.

Users can choose to view these stat blocks and snapshots or select a different view to see option chains and related information. Investors looking for real-time information from Fidelity who have an account with the firm can log in using their brokerage accounts to access live information throughout the trading day, and the company's research tools also allow accountholders to make the most of option chain setups and daily fund rates.

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