How Has the Stock Price of Wilshire 500 Changed Since 2011?


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The Wilshire Total Market Index 5000 gained nearly 8,000 points from 2011 to 2015, according to Google Finance. The index opened at 13,121 in 2011 and sat near 21,000 as of 2015. It generally grew during this period, though it suffered brief declines in the fourth quarter of 2014 and third quarter of 2015. Despite this, the Wilshire 5000 peaked in 2015 at 22,130.

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The Wilshire 5000 measures the performance of all publicly traded stocks in the United States, explains Wilshire. Wilshire established the index in 1970 and Barron's first published it in 1975. Each index point represents a change of $1.15 billion in market value as of 2013.

Despite its name, the Wilshire 5000 includes fewer than 5,000 companies, reports CNN Money. About 3,800 companies comprised the index as of 2015, down from a high of 7,500 in 1998. Mergers, acquisitions and business failures outpaced initial public offerings in this period, shrinking the number of publicly traded companies.

Since 2011, the Wilshire 5000 was the third strongest out of four leading benchmarks, shows Google Finance. Over this period, Nasdaq and the S&P 500 led the way, rising by 88 percent and 61 percent. The Wilshire 5000 gained 59 percent and the Dow Jones Industrial Average grew by 50 percent.

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