What Does the Stock Price Quote Mean?

A stock market quote represents a collection of numbers including stock price, percentage change, ticker symbol, dividend yield and volume, notes Ken Little for About.com. Several sources such as the New York Stock Exchange, Nasdaq and The Wall Street Journal provide stock quotes.

The amount a person is willing to pay for a stock represents the stock price, reports Tim Plaehn for the Houston Chronicle. Investors utilize the stock price of publicly traded companies to assess overall company value. While a stock quote contains a current stock price, investors can find additional information about a company stock through quarterly income statements or earnings releases. Market capitalization represents the value of a company according to all investors and is calculated as the current stock price multiplied by the total number of shares outstanding.

A percentage change lists the change in the overall stock price for the current calendar year and is also part of a stock quote, explains Little. This percentage accounts for stock splits and dividends over a certain threshold. A ticker symbol in a stock quote is usually an abbreviation of the company name for the stock. Another metric is the dividend yield, which is a percentage the last dividend payment represents over the current stock price. Investors can find volume figures in stock quotes, which is data that represent the number of shares bought and sold within a specific time, states Forest Time for the Houston Chronicle.